Times of Service

Different times of year and other circumstances may affect Service times. It is therefore recommended to sign up to our email newsletter for our weekly service schedule. You can also contact the synagogue office for specific timings.

Main Service

The main Shabbat, Yom Tov and Chagim (Jewish Festival) morning Service, held in our shul, is the heart of our community. We extend a warm welcome to all who wish to join us and it is during these prayers where many of our simchas and important milestone moments take place.

Tefillot (prayers) are led by our Rabbinic Team and lay officiants and we pride ourselves on our warm and enthusiastic Services.

Our ‘meeters and greeters’ will welcome you and make sure that you feel looked after regardless of whether you are a regular attendee or visiting for the first time.

As would be expected in a United Synagogue, men and women sit separately. The men’s section is on the ground floor whilst women have the option of sitting downstairs or upstairs in the gallery.

Access is very important to us and we are able to accommodate most disabilities. Please contact us if you have any specific needs. We also have an induction loop system installed for the hard of hearing which is available in most Synagogue locations.

To celebrate a special occasion or to commemorate a yahrzeit, please contact the Wardens.

Of course, children are also welcome in Shul to sit with their parents, and to help keep them occupied you are welcome to choose a book from the small library available in the foyer. Sweets are handed out after Anim Zemirot (a point in the Shabbat service) for those below Bar or Bat Mitzvah age.

Early Minyan “Hashkama” service

The early morning minyan (service) has developed into a permanent fixture which graciously complements the Main Shul Service each Shabbat morning.

The environment is warm and meaningful with services led by the Rabbinic Team and lay officiants. An inviting croissant and coffee Kiddush punctuates the prayers before the Torah reading and is accompanied by an engaging Dvar Torah (word of Torah).

The service runs at a respectful but efficient pace and is a space for those who enjoy a spiritual experience with fewer frills. It is inviting for both men and women and we recommend you giving it a try

Weekday Services

Bushey United Synagogue has daily morning, afternoon and evening services. Whether you attend regularly, are visiting the area, or are marking a special occasion, all are welcome.

Yom Tov Services

The High Holy Days, Yom Tov services are of course a highlight of our Shul calendar with services taking place across multiple campuses. Although there is no assigned seating, if you are unfamiliar with our prayer offerings over this period it is advisable to contact the Shul office in advance of attendance.

Children and Youth Services

Please see our section for children and youth for information on our engaging weekly services for our young people.


The Shul offers a weekly Kiddush which is regularly sponsored. Please consider yourself invited to take part, enjoy the food, socialise and perhaps think about joining the Kiddush rota.