The Bushey eruv (a boundary that allows observant Jews to carry needed things in public on Shabbat) is live. For more information on this incredibly important community project, or to make a donation towards its upkeep, please visit our dedicated Eruv website.

An eruv makes Shabbat observance more pleasant in many ways, and is especially helpful to families with young children who want to use a pram or baby buggy outside their home on Shabbat and to people who use a wheelchair or walking frame. Others find it useful to be able to carry house keys, reading glasses or books to a shiur.

Before the eruvim were developed, families with young children were home-bound each Shabbat. Many couples who had children too young to walk to synagogue could not attend a Shabbat service together, nor a Kiddush or simcha. Grandparents can now host their younger grandchildren on Shabbat. Shabbat events are accessible to all families – young and old, mobile and less mobile. Everyone can now join in the Shabbat religious and social life of the community.

Check the status of the Eruv every Friday before Shabbat, so you know whether it is available for use.