Thank you for visiting our Bushey Shul sponsorship page.  If you would like to celebrate a simcha, honour the memory of a loved one or simply support our wonderful community please look at the list below and email sponsorship@busheyus.org for more information.  Thank you!

 Sponsorship opportunities
(Joint and bespoke sponsorships are available, please ask for more information)


Shabbat Newsletter

This sponsorship is for the Shul weekly newsletter which is emailed to members on a Thursday with some printed copies in shul on Shabbat.


Rosh Chodesh Midweek Breakfast

This sponsorship will provide croissants for the morning minyan on a Rosh Chodesh of your choice.


L’Chaim and Learn Gemara Shiur

This sponsorship will provide the cholent and kugel at Rabbi Lister’s Gemara Shiur.


Lunch and Learn

This sponsorship will provide a sandwich lunch at the Thursday learning session with one of our Rabbinic Team.


Shabbat Early Minyan Kiddush

This sponsorship will provide the kiddush in the Early Minyan service.


Children/Youth Shabbat kiddush

This sponsorship will provide a kiddush either for the Children’s Services or the Youth Service.



This sponsorship covers everything excluding the whisky which we ask you to provide.



To sponsor the Bushey Eruv for a Shabbat.


Shabbat Shuvah – Super Seudah

This sponsorship will provide a light Shabbat Seudah for the community inbetween Mincha and Ma’ariv on a summer Shabbat Shuvah.


Simchat Torah Ladies Bar

This will sponsor the refreshments which will accompany a talk



This sponsorship covers a normal TGIF kiddush plus chicken soup.


Rosh Hashanah/ Yom Kippur explanatory service 

This will sponsor one of the explanatory services with an in-house or guest educator on the Yamim Noraim.


Tashlich with Chazan Shmully Aronson

This will sponsor some light refreshments accompanying a musical Tashlich.


Bushey Connect events

This will sponsor outreach programming in North Bushey/Bushey Village to connect with members and non-members who live further away from the shul.


A leaf on the Tree of Life

This donation is for a leaf on the Tree of Life in the shul foyer in memory of a loved one.


A Bushey Gives Back Cookathon

This will sponsor a monthly cookathon and provide over 200 meals to those in need in the Bushey community.


Super Shabbat Seuda – Summer Series

This sponsorship will provide a delicious buffet Shabbat Seudah for the community inbetween Mincha and Ma’ariv with a guest speaker.


Bushey Connect Kol Nidrei service

This will sponsor the Bushey Connect service in North Bushey


New Members BBQ

This sponsorship is for a highlight of the Bushey Shul calendar where we welcome our new members to our Bushey family.


Scholars in Residence / Speakers

If you have a speaker you would like to bring to Bushey please be in touch with us.

£ Dependent on speaker

Simchat Torah community dinner

This will sponsor the buffet dinner on the evening of Simchat Torah.


Family Shabbaton

This will sponsor a Family Shabbaton to provide a full programme and keep prices affordable for families.


Yizkor booklet sponsorship

This will sponsor the Yizkor booklet for Yom Kippur.


Shavuot BBQ – All community free!

This will allow us to make the annual Shavuot BBQ free for all the community.


Bushey High Holidays Experience

This sponsorship will help Bushey Shul thrive at arguably the most important time of the year. This sponsorship would contribute towards the visiting educators, service leaders and chazzanim.


Special Bushey Shabbat Experience

Bushey Shul loves a special Shabbat  – think Kippalive, the Shabbaton Choir and Shabbat UKs. This sponsorship will allow the community to experience another outstanding Shabbat experience together.